Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy
How to Install

Who need Any@Mail?
Buy Any@Mail IF
. You want to automatically backup any emails for yourselves or for your company!
. You want to Monitor your employees' emails
. Have a look at any emails received or sent by any computers on the LAN through any email servers!

What is Any@Mail?
Any@Mail is a tool to collect and monitor Any emails received or sent on any computers on the LAN. Specifically, Any@Mail can automatically collect, save and manage Any emails through any computers in the Local Area Network. It can also resolve the Name of the computers where emails are received or sent, hence emails can be sorted by the computer names as well as IP address!

How does it work?
Any@Mail Capture email-related packages on the LAN and DECODE the packages into emails exactly as the original ones!

Can Any@Mail capture webmails?
No, Any@Mail can't capture webmails.

What can I do with it?
. Automatically backup emails for yourselves or your company. Emails can also be automatically sorted as your desire!
. Monitor any emails of your employees to make sure your company's secret is safe enough!
. Monitor any emails of your children on the LAN at home!

What is the system requirement?
. Pentium 166 PC or above, 64MB RAM or above.

Does Any@Mail use a lot of hard disk space?
. It depends on the quantity of your emails. For a company with 100 employees, if 10 emails are received or sent in a single day for one employee, and every email cost you about 10K, then only 1.2G is needed for all emails of this company. 


How to Buy

How to Install

Operating System required for Any@Mail?
Any@Mail can support Windows 98/Me/NT4.0(SP6)/2K/XP.

Where to install Any@Mail?
Any@Mail works most powerfully when installed on the gateway, proxy or firewall. 

How to install Any@Mail on a HUB connected LAN?
You can install Any@Mail on any computer on a HUB connected LAN


How to install Any@Mail on a Switch connected LAN?
There are two methods to install Any@Mail on a Switch connected LAN

A LAN with SWITCH and using a software as gateway
-Single Machine Working Model

-Client/Server Working Model

A LAN with SWITCH and also using hardware ROUTER (gateway)

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